Monday, December 8, 2008


This summer we got to go to Hawaii. We spent 1 week in Kauai with Clint's Parents, It was very great of them to have us. Then we went over to Oahu for a couple days and spent time with my sister Kim and her husband Larry. We had a really good time, it was my first time on Kauai and it just so happened that we were there during our 2 year anniversary.

One of the days we got to take a ride in the rental car which was a convertible, you can tell by clints surprised look that my hair didn't do too well.
In Kauai we spent a lot of our time relaxing on the beach and at the pool. We got to go to a really cool Light house, it was really pretty, and we also saw a couple water falls.

Clint dropped his ice cream cone, he was pretty upset about it.
I think the Highlight of the Kauai trip was the snorkeling trip we got to go on. We rode in a boat along the Nepali coast. Then we got to snorkel, I've never been around so many fish, there were also some sea turtles. It was pretty cool, it was my first time snorkeling.

The boat guys drove the boat into this cave, and i thought we were going to die. It was a pretty cool cave, and we didn't die. (Chelsea and Taylor in the picture)
After spending a week on Kauai we went to Oahu, the best part of that was getting to see my sister and her family, i hadn't seen my nephews in years. They took us to the beach, tried to show me how to boogie board. Joryn made fun of me because i wasn't very good. And Javen taught us how to catch sand turtles and sand crabs.

All Worn Out.

When we were on Oahu We got to go to PCC. Although I had been to PCC many times I had never been to the luau or the night show. So we spent a little bit of time at our favorite villages. Tonga and Samoa were our two favorites. The Luau was great, really good food and a really good show. The night show was awesome.

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Mama & Papa Griz said...

I check your blog a couple times a week hoping that you have an update or something new on here. I know you don't have kids but I remember working with you and you were always doing something fun.....So please update this.