Sunday, June 7, 2009

She's Here...

Well Annie has arrived and we love having her. And I think she loves being here. She's been pretty spoiled so far. Every time we get home from work she goes crazy until we take her for a walk. Its pretty funny. Last week I took her to work to show her off and I was going to bring her right back home, but it was Friday afternoon so I decided to let her stay. And she was pretty good.

This is her favorite blanket to lay on.

She likes to hide under the bed for some reason.

She knows that her treats are in the pantry so every time we get something out of the pantry to stands on her hind legs waiting for a treat. Its so cute so most of the time we give her a treat.

This is Annie dancing (she mostly just spins around, but its really cute).

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Jen said...

glad it is going so well. Is anyone in Logan missing her? It is fun having a dog. It is funny that even as sisters, she and Lady are so different. Look forward to seeing you soon.