Sunday, July 25, 2010

Where a grown up can be a kid

Disney World!! In June me and Clint went to Disney world. It was a blast!
Yes, this is me getting an autograph, I told Clint that since I never did this as a child I wanted to get an autograph book and get autographs. Meeting the characters was one of my favorite parts.
One of the only times Clint will let me drive
while he's in the car.

We went to all the parks and one water park.

Clint got sick one day, good thing that was a designated pool day! This is him laying by the pool. He would rather have been laying in the hotel room, but we were switching hotel days and we were in between checking out of the old one and checking in to the new one.

I love how all the carters pose for the pictures on the rides!

We also went to sea world. Feeding the dolphins was my favorite part of the whole trip!
Well this was my first trip to Disney World, but I'm sure it won't be my last, this is Clint's favorite vacation spot. And his dream is actually to get a job for Disney when he graduates. We'll see if that works out.