Saturday, March 24, 2012

Jack in the hospital

Well, me and jack have been in the hospital all week he was first admitted for having croup and then it turned out that he also has RSV which is what caused the croup. He first got sick on Monday and we took him in because his breathing and cough just didn't sound right. So we spent the night in the hospital Monday night, then they sent us home Tuesday morning because croup usually just lasts a couple days and the first day is the worse. So Tuesday night I brought him back in because he was having trouble breathing do they gave him a breathing treatment and some steroids and sent us home with the other half of the steroids. Wednesday he wasn't doing very well all day so we gave him the steroid that afternoon. I also turned the shower on to make the bathroom all steamey and sat with him for about 20 minutes, I took a shower with him also and I took him for a walk outside, the cold air was supposed to help, unfortunately it was a warm day. So there was no change so we took him back to the dr and they sent us to the hospital again. Then they figured out he also Had RSV. So here we here are on Saturday afternoon still here. I thought for sure we would be going home this morning, but the dr came in and told me that he needs to go 24 hrs without a breathing treatment or oxygen. His last breathing treatment was yesterday afternoon but he needs oxygen every time he sleeps. Anyway I'm posting this from my phone and I'm going to try and post pictures. Oh and we did sneak Annie in today.

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