Saturday, September 12, 2009

Our Summer part 1 of 2

Well, this summer we had a lot of family stuff going on. It was fun, its always good to see family. First we had our Carter family reunion. Every one made it except for Clint's brother Lance and his wife Carlynn. They decided to have a baby instead. The baby turned out pretty cute, so I guess it was worth it.

We are on our way to the Uintas.
Annie loves to look out the window.

She also loves to cuddle.

So I didn't take a lot of pictures, and I really wish I did, I'm going to work on that. The little pictures that we did take were mostly of Annie. Anyway, for the carter family Reunion we went camping in the Uintas for half the week and bear lake for the rest of the week. Next time someone says, "hey, lets go camping for a week". I'm going on a cruise or something because camping is not my idea of a vacation. Not anymore anyway. My husband has turned me into a city girl! I used to be able to "rough it" like no other! but the first night we arrived in the Uintas we couldn't figure out how to put the tent up that we borrowed from my brother Troy. See, we figured we were camping for a week so instead of using our little 4 man tent we would use Troy's tent that we could actually stand up in. But we couldn't put it up, luckily Clint's dad had an extra tent. Unluckily it was a 3 man tent. but at least we didn't have to sleep outside. Our air mattress took up the whole tent. It was pretty much the worst night of my life, by the time we woke up in the morning our air mattress had completely deflated. And it was freezing cold. So spending the rest of the week in a 3 man tent and no air mattress was not an option. The next day we went to Evanston (an hour drive) to get a 7 man tent and an air mattress. It was much better. We figured even though we won't be camping much in the future, since I've learned I no longer enjoy it, we could use it for ward camps and other times when we are forced to camp (like family reunions). So that was the Uintas. By the way even though it was July it was cold like 90% of the time up there (Clint thought it was hot), and there were like a bazillion mosquito's.

It was freezing cold at night. We used like 6 blankets/sleeping bags. Even Annie got cold so she climbed under the blankets to keep warm.
Bear like was much better. Except for the fact that I got sun burnt really bad the first day. Which was completely my fault. See, I decided that I wanted to be tan, so i bought a sunscreen with low SPF, I think it was like 15. And I just thought I would put it on often and I wouldn't get sun burnt, but i would still get tan. It didn't work, I'm pretty sure it was just water that I was continuously spraying on my body.

So at bear lake we spent time on the boat and on the beach just hanging out. The good thing about camping is you have no other choice but to spend time with each other. It was good to hang out with the family. Clint has a couple brothers and a sister that live out of state so we don't get to see them that often. So it was really good to spend time with everyone.
Now here are some pictures. I did take more pictures of the family and the adorable nieces and nephews, but it was all on the beach, and due to all the sick freaks out there I didn't feel comfortable putting pictures of little kids in their bathing suits on my blog. And yes, it is kind of weird that I take so many pictures of my dog. But until we have kids, she is my baby. By the way... we are working on getting a baby.
This is Annie trying to find shade where ever she can
This is Annie and Clint's brothers dog Indiana,
he goes by Indi for short. they were BFF's.
they got a little too friendly at times.
But last time we saw them Annie was playing hard to get.
Clint's favorite part of the trip, wake boarding.
Annie got her head stuck in the chip bag.
Annie all wet and cute
Ok, So this was the cutest thing ever. Annie hates the water. When we first got on the boat I was going to take Annie with me. but she started freaking out when I got in the water. So I left her on the beach. So after we were out on the water for a while we came back to the beach and when Annie saw us she got all excited. and she swam to us! It was so cute because you could tell she didn't want to get in the water, but she wanted to be with us. This dog has serious separation issues, but I love it! I love that she needs us.
Well, its way past my bedtime, so tomorrow I'll write about the rest of our summer.


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