Sunday, October 25, 2009

Our Summer part 2 of 2

Well I'm a couple months late.. but at least the 2nd post is here now. And now that I'm posting about something that happened a couple months ago, I don't remember alot of details, but I'll do my best.

This is my skinny picture. you wouldn't be able to tell if I didn't tell you, but I'm biting my cheeks so i look skinnier. I took a couple of these and my sisters thought it was funny, so i thought i would share.

So in August my sister Sarina and her family drove to Utah from Connecticut, which was really exciting because they don't come here very often. Also my other Sister Angie moved out to Utah. And my brothers came down from Idaho Falls for a weekend. So we had the whole family here except for my sister Kim and her family in Hawaii. Well, it was alot of fun. Like I said earlier, I don't remember alot of details. But I do remember there was some baseball a little volleyball, and some BBQ's. And I don't remember much else.

My niece with Annie. Annie is scared of most of my nieces and nephews, I think because they aren't around dogs very much and she can sense that by the way they chase her. But I think Halli has more dog expeirience so Annie wasn't as scared of her.

I think the highlight of my summer is when Lexie and Abby re-inacted Taylor Swift's video of "you belong with me". I tried to upload the video but it wouldn't work. It was very entertaining for me.

Then there was more singing. Justin and Sarina Sang while Justin played his guitar. I tried to join in but everyone told me to stop.

Well this all lasted a couple weeks and we ended it with a BBQ at Brittany's.
The end


Connie said...

Very informative!

MrsCameron said...

youtube is the answer to your video uploading problems, i'll show you when I get back if you want, blogger doesn't seem to like my videos either. :) I think you look very cute in your skinny picture, but you look plenty skinny without biting your cheeks, and its probably easier to talk that way too ;). Don't forget, annie likes me too :P