Sunday, December 12, 2010

Its a Boy!

I actually found this out a couple weeks ago, but forgot to put it on my blog. Even though I wanted a girl really bad, I'm happy to be getting a baby boy. The Cloths selection isn't nearly as big as the girls. But they have better toy. Clint is especially happy to be having a boy.

This is me at 20 weeks

I'm currently at 23 weeks, I feel like this pregnancy is going by so fast! I hear it will slow down once I get into my 3rd trimester. We are so excited for little Jack to arrive!


Willcox Family said...

Congrats!!! I hear that boys are more fun in the long run because they are not as emotional! I am currently wishing for a boy. I feel my pregnacy went way to fast all the way to the end. But, I was also terrified of the birthing part, and I still am! I am so happy for you. your going to be a great mom! I would love to see you this summer, but Dan and I are moving to California in March. I wish we were going to be in Ohio when you were. I want to meet your little baby and see you again. However, California is a fun place to visit as well. So if you ever head that way come stay with me!!!

trevorandsarahtaylor said...

Congratulations! You look so good at 20 weeks!! I'm jealous you're having a boy. We found out we're having a girl but Trevor's praying it still turns out to be a boy. Trevor said to tell Clint congratulations!

John and Bethany said...

Congratulations guys! We are just loving our little Zachary. He is about 2 weeks old. Good luck with the rest of the pregnancy. Can't wait to meet him someday.