Thursday, February 10, 2011

1/2 off Live the Life program

Remember how I lost all this weight? 56lbs, 10" around my waist and 10'' around my hips! The program I used (live the life) is now half off until Feb 21st.

(I'm 10 weeks pregnant in the after pic, so I'm a little bloated)

So, if your trying to lose weight this year, you should definitly get it, because its a super good deal. Some of my favorite things about the program is, first they teach you how to prep your meals. The first time I looked at the program I thought there was no way I would have time to make all that food, but when you make it all before hand its really easy. Another thing I loved about it is, it tells you exactly what to eat and how much, and its all normal food. Another thing is whenever I had questions or any problems at all I could email them and I always got a response within 24 hours. Usually within a couple hours, sometimes it was within a couple minutes. Anyway, I love this program so I thought I would let you all know about this great deal!

Click HERE to try free for 7 days. Click HERE to order and use the promo code "LOVE2LIVE" to get it half off. If you order it I want to know how it goes for you!

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You are one hot mamma!