Saturday, February 19, 2011

Look at how crafy I've been

So lately I've been a little obsessed with crafting blogs. If you notice I've added a "crafting blog" list. So I've been looking at tons of things that I want to do and I've gotten a lot of supplies to get started. And I just barley finished my first project.

This Lima Bean wreath! I found the tutorial at my favorite blog so far... At first I didn't really like it once I was finished. It wasn't "perfect" like I was hoping it would be. I almost redid it, But I decided since it was my first project that I shouldn't expect it to be perfect. You can go strait to the tutorial by clicking HERE.

My next project I'm really excited about, but also nervous. Since it can turn out really good or really bad. I want to try this stencil wall painting by making my own stencil. I chose a small wall in my bathroom just in case it doesn't turn out then I can just paint over it. Hopefully I'll have something to show you by tomorrow.

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