Thursday, April 7, 2011


OK, well, I meant to post this a while ago. I started my stenciling project. This was a really silly thing to do in my third trimester of pregnancy. I got really frustrated and almost painted over it. you can't tell in the picture but there are quite a few mistakes. The stencil even took off the original pain in some places. I emailed our builders to find out what brand and color our paint is so i could get some to touch up the mistakes. But I never heard back. It probably would have been better if I painted first and then stenciled over it, just so I could have some touch up paint. Well I'm waiting until I have this baby and I'm a little less hormonal then I'll decide if I want to paint over it or keep it. A lot of mistakes you can't really tell unless you look really close. But since I'm the one that did it I see all the mistakes. So if it bugs me enough I just might have to paint over it. But then maybe I'll try and stencil again. Perfect practice makes prefect!

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